Injection Mold

Here at Power House Industrial everyone knows how to take care about the products qualities.
ISO-9002 standards were incorporated into our quality system to ensure the better quality products to our customers. According to the demands from our different customers we keep following the below Quality Control procedures in the daily work.

Receiving Inspection
Raw materials must pass receiving inspection before they are released for production. In some cases raw material samples may be sent to independent labs for special testing.

In Process Inspection
All phases of production are monitored by in-process inspections. A first-piece inspection is always conducted at each manufacturing stage. No production runs until this stage inspection is completed and the results found acceptable. For instance in machining workshop, each machine operator performs continuous inspection while producing the parts. Checking dimensions, observing the appearance and surface is required by the operator. The inspector should periodically audit samples of the product from each machine, taking samples at designated time intervals.

Final Inspection
All products technical details have to be final checked as per the covering drawings. The final inspection also includes surface treatment, appearance roughness, logo engraving or printing, packing details, shipping marks.

No order will be released until all shipping papers are stamped and signed by the final inspector. The goal of our quality control program is zero defects in 100 percent of all finished parts.

test instrument
Safety/Quality standard as per DIN, ANSI, ASTM, BSI, CNS, JIS

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