Injection Mold

Power House Industrial Co., Ltd
is a professional OEM parts supplier on many categories, such as
* Stamping, sheet metal processing
* Metal and aluminum forging
* Investment casting, high pressure die casting
* Automatic and CNC Machining
* Polishing and surface treatment
* Welding and assembly
* Plastic injection molding

We have been supplying various OEM parts to our customers in Europe and Northern America for many years. And we have earned reputation for good quality, cost effective, on time delivery and excellent customer service.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the central focus of our quality policy, with our years experience of making OEM parts, we are confident to render our service to your esteemed company as well and believe you would be satisfied with our quality, pricing and performance.

Welcome to visiting our website for more information about Power House Industrial products.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements. When you make an inquiry, please kindly send your specific drawing with required lot size and estimated annual usage for our quotation purpose and we would reply you very soon.

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